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5k to 50k: The Battle Begins

Sea Bass —  March 16, 2013

 The Battle Begins!

5k to 50k

A 5k to 50k update

A Call to Arms:

So spring is right around the corner and I am looking forward to training for the Wild Ones 50K trail run in Duluth.  So far the only ones committed are Tony Thoma and myself.  We are looking for a few good men to join us so if you have interest let me know.  A team of 4 would be great.  For added incentive Continue Reading…

Twin Cities Tough Mudder Videos

We are still anxiously awaiting Tough Mudder’s Official Twin Cities race video to post to YouTube.  While we wait here a couple participant videos that Team Uppercut has made an appearance.  Tough Mudder Twin Cities YouTube videos are great way for you friends and family to get a feel for what you experienced.  Enjoy the videos.

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Tough Mudder Training

Many people have been asking members of Team Uppercut what we have been doing to train for our recent Tough Mudder Event in the Twin Cities.  Training started in January. We trained in a variety of ways, but every Sunday we had something called Hell Sundays and It went something like this… Continue Reading…