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No Shrinkage

TeamCaptain —  January 7, 2015


Hebrews 10:39, ” But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but those who have faith and are saved.”


Everything Team Uppercut is about is based upon Hebrews 10:39.  God didn’t create men to shrink back, run for cover or give up when life gets tough.  Men are designed to reflect Jesus’ glory and nature.  That’s what Team Uppercut is all about, throwing life a knockout punch, or not shrinking back when facing life’s toughest challenges.  Those challenges come in many forms and are unique to each of us.  When life tries to destroy us we need to be UNBREAKABLE.  That is what this season of training is all about.  Being a man that is unbreakable. Continue Reading…

As I look through the picture Gallery taken by our personal photographer I began to feel a sense of pride in seeing all the members of Team Uppercut excelling.  It was what I would describe as a dynamic mix of personalities that shines through as you page through the pictures and the fact that all 15 participants finished mostly unharmed was nothing short of amazing. View the Tough Mudder 2012 Gallery

I learned a lot about myself and 14 others guys that prior to training for this event I did not know too much about.  If you search the internet you can find blogs all over the place about people discussing their personal thoughts and emotions as they grinded their way through the mud and misery of race day.  Continue Reading…

Spiritual DNA

Sea Bass —  February 25, 2012

I was reading an article today by Max Lucado called Take Up Your Cross.  In that article he discusses the importance of taking up our own crosses to follow Jesus.

1 Corinthians3:5

“The Lord has assigned to each his task.”

As I pondered this while I read the rest of his article he came up with a cool concept of Spiritual DNA (Direction, Need, and Ability).

  • In what directions has God taken you?
  • What needs has God revealed to you?
  • What abilities has God given to you?

As we all take this journey together and train to compete as one working unit as Tough Mudders we may notice certain character traits of one another that stand out.  I think that as we encourage each other to get stronger physically and stick with the program we need to equally encourage each other to grow spiritually.  If you are like me you may not know what God’s calling is for you yet.  Any guidance and insight form those on the outside looking in is beneficial and welcome.  So as we all begin to grow a little more in life perhaps we can take the time to help each other realize our God given abilities so we may further understand our Spiritual DNA.