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Final Week of Insanity

TeamCaptain —  March 21, 2013

Team Uppercut Insanity

The final week of Insanity workout is here.  It is time to FINSIH STRONG.  Finish:  to bring something to completion.  Strong: exerting great bodily force; vigorously.   So to finish strong we need to bring something to an end or completion VIGOROUSLY!   This is not just a statement it is an attitude by which to live.  Team Uppercut is all about finishing strong.   Here is the schedule for the final week of Insanity. Continue Reading…

Endurance for Life

Chris Gogolewski —  March 14, 2013

Endurance for LifeRemember the days of playing in the sand at beaches and water fronts?  Do you also remember when the waves came and washed it all away; oh the frustration!  What about playing with building blocks, only to watch them topple over when our tower was too high? Sure sometimes we knocked them down just for fun, but when we wanted our tower to last, oh the agony!  I remember playing with my son, building an awesome fort for the two of us; hanging blankets over chairs, leaning couch cushions against sides of the fort walls and even trying to fashion a window for watching TV.  Then just when it was ready for the first entry, BAM, everything came crashing down in a heap of blankets and cushions. Continue Reading…

Building Stability with Your Body

Building StabilityI drag myself through Taco John’s doors feeling like a walking skeleton.  I am soaked, my stability is shot and I stink.  All I need is water.  “Is it possible to get some water?” I say as I gasp for breath.  Basically it was like a scene out of 127 Hours.  Quickly, the lady behind the counter reaches for the largest cup as fast as she can.  I fill it with water and mumble some sort of thanks and continue running towards my goal of 20 miles.  The term “running” might be a little far fetched at this point.  I was spent.  My former stability was gone as  I stumbled the last few miles to my home.  I pressed on.  I was desperate to complete my goal. Continue Reading…

How to Build Your Capacity

Chris Gogolewski —  February 27, 2013

How to Build Your CapacityHow much can you hold?  Your physical capacity can be tested very easily by a show of strength.  Can you hold a can of pop straight out in front of you for more than 30 seconds?  Of course you can!  How about a 12 lb sledgehammer?  That might take some training and exercise.  It’s the same with taking on all that life throws at us, and being ready to deliver the knock out punch. Continue Reading…

Core Strength

Core BalanceWhat is core strength?  I discovered how important it is the first time I tried to surf in Lima, Peru.  I came to a quick realization and it was this: In order to have the ability to surf you must have a strong core.  More about that story later.

First off, you need to understand what your core is.  The core refers to the trunk of your body.  The abdomen, obliques, glutes, mid and lower back.  Many of these muscles are mostly unseen.  They are a hidden muscle group.

Continue Reading…