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Today is day four of  5 simple tough mudder training tips that will ensure a successful completion of the Tough Mudder Race. These tips are simple because they are a necessary part of our every day lives. So check back each day for a simple tough mudder training tip. In yesterday’s post I shared a post entitled, Tough Mudder Training Tips: Eat Breakfast, if you missed it be sure to read it. Today it is all about setting goals.

 Day 4: Set Goals


Tough Mudder Training TipsThe reason we set goals is to help us get from where we are to where we want to be.   Many people do not set goals because they are not willing to commit to making them become reality.  Why?  Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear of change. Fear of commitment. Fear of hard work (a.k.a. lazy).  Fear of the unknown.   Don’t let fear rule your live.  The only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is you.

Setting goals forces you to decide what you want your future life to look like.  To set goals you have to decide what you want from “X”. Insert anything you want for X – job, family, kids, body, team, etc.  This can be difficult.  Here are some tips that will help you set your goals.


Goal Setting Tips

A while back ago I read a post from Michael Hyatt about  setting goals within 90 days.  These 6 tips are adapted from his blog.  You can read it in more detail here: 90 Day Goal Setting Challenge.

  1. Have a few goals.  Productivity studies show that you can only focus on 5-7 items at one time.  So keep you goals limited to less than seven.Tough Mudder Training Tips
  2. Keep them action oriented.  Make it easy to act upon your goals by using verbs like, achieve, finalize,  or complete.
  3. Make them measurable.  You have to be able to measure progress towards your goal.  You cannot manage what you cannot measure.
  4. Make them attainable.  Don’t set your goals so high that they are unattainable.  Under promise and over deliver  is a good motto when setting goals.
  5. Have a time frame.  That is, set a date when you want to achieve your goals.   Put an end date to your goals.  Remember, dreams are just goals without an end date.
  6. Prioritize your Goals.  Give your most important goal the most time.  Rinse and repeat.


Benefits to Goal Setting

  • Goal setting is a great motivator to achieve what you want from life.  Setting goals will help define meaning, purpose and passion in your life.  It won’t create it, but it will help you discover and define it.
  • Goals help us manage our time.  There is purpose to what we are doing.  It causes us to evaluate how we use our time and whether or not we are using it wisely.  Setting goals will help you align your day to your values.
  • Goals will cause you to grow.  Every goal should take you out of your comfort zone.  Even if it is attainable it should push you a little further than you’ve gone before.

Those are just a few reasons to set goals.  If you are living life without goals I want to encourage you to set aside some time in the next month and set some goals for the upcoming quarter, summer or year.  Start working toward them immediately.

Fear is not a Factor

TeamCaptain —  March 7, 2012
fear letter

Note from Dean's little girl

Team member, Dean Rohne,  sent this to me a couple weeks ago.  It is a letter from his daughter that she wrote to him regarding the fire obstacle.  It is pretty funny.  Even our kids are fearful for our lives!  Though this letter is pretty funny and sweet coming from a concerned daughter, fear does play a factor in our race.
What is your greatest fear?  Failure?  Will you be the 25% of our team that the statistics say will NOT complete the race?  Maybe you have a fear of letting down your team.  You know you can finish the race but are you afraid you will hold back the team?  Maybe you’re afraid of the unknown.  Perhaps you have never tried to accomplish something this extreme before.   You’re not sure if you have the physical or mental capacity to survive.

medical tent

Tough Mudder Medical Tent

Fear is a great motivator.  Sometimes it pushes us to great heights of achievement.  But should it?  Should fear be our motivator to succeed?  Isn’t fear an unredeemed characteristic?  Aren’t we supposed to fear God?

Proverbs 1: 7,
“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge,
but fools despise wisdom and discipline.”

The fear of the Lord is not a natural human fear which we experience in situations. As humans, we may experience many things that cause us fear and they are different for each of us.  For some of us it might be heights, amusement park rides or tight places.  These types of fears are nothing to be ashamed of and at times our fear can actually be used to protect ourselves & our family.
When we talk about the fear of God however, we are really talking about respect.  We respect God because of his great power to grant life and death.  God is all powerful and deserves our respect.  A respect so great that it may cause us to tremble in his presence.  God told Moses he could not look upon him directly because it would be too much for him.  (Exodus 33) God wants us to  fear (respect) Him so that he can pour into our lives.  He doesn’t want us to live in fear.  That kind of fear is a fear that comes from Satan.

2 Timothy 1:7,
“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.”

fear guy

Are you Afraid?

You see, respect for God leads to a powerful spirit that is full of love and self discipline.  Fear that come from Satan breeds a timid, paralyzed and anxious spirit.  Any fear that causes us to be timid, anxious or a coward is not from God.   It is something that causes us to live in a way that is contrary to the way God would have us live and this type of fear is from Satan.   This type of fear should not motivate us.  As Christian men we have the power of God within us to overcome all fear.

1 John 1:18,
“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.”

You see God has given us his perfect love through his son Jesus.  This love drives out unnatural fear.  It leads us to a life of power, discipline and a sound mind.  If we live without  this love we will be paralyzed by fear and will be unable to mature in our relationship with God.  Unnatural fears cause weird phobias, uncontrollable anxiety and compulsive disorders that are slowly trying to destroy us.  It is part of Satan’s plan to destroy us from the inside out.  It is part of God’s plan to create in us a new life from the inside out.

As we prepare for Tough Mudder and discipline ourselves, we will be ready for the test.  It is okay to have some fear of the unknown, failure or even super cold


cold muddy water

muddy water.  It is not okay to have unnatural fears that paralyze us and keep us from being who God created us to be.  Accept God’s perfect love, be filled with his power and get ready to kick some Tough Mudder obstacles.   Just remember that if God is for us, who can be against us?!!  We can conquer any challenge that life throws at us.

Don’t shrink back!  Throw life a knock out punch.