Living in the Death Zone-Tough Mudder Training

TeamCaptain —  April 17, 2012

Mt. Everest

 Living in the Death Zone – Tough Mudder Training

Are you living in the “Death Zone”?  Mountain climbers who have attempted to conquer Mount Everest have all had to enter the death zone.  What is it?

The Death Zone, in mountaineering, refers to altitudes above a certain point where the amount of oxygen is not high enough to sustain human life. This point is generally tagged as 8,000 m.

Many deaths in high-altitude mountaineering have been caused by the effects of the death zone, either directly (loss of vital functions) or indirectly (wrong decisions made under stress, physical weakening leading to accidents). In the “death zone”, no human body can acclimatize. An extended stay in the zone without supplementary oxygen will result in deterioration of bodily functions, loss of consciousness and, ultimately, death.

Tough Mudder has it’s own Death Zone and some of you (Team Uppercut) are living in it.   says this,

“In terms of what you are looking at: each Tough Mudder course will have 10-12 miles of hills, mud, water, ropes, walls, electric shocks, and fire.  How fit do you need to be? Basically, you should be in good physical condition – complete slackers need not apply. At a minimum we recommend that you are running regularly (2+ times a week, working up to 5 miles per run), able to do 15-25 push-ups in a row, able to bang out 6 pull-ups in a row (especially the dudes), and able to swim 50 yards without stopping (although you can skip the water obstacles).”

That is the MINIMUM that the tough mudder website suggest you do.  At Team Uppercut we have our own definition of the Death Zone.  If you cannot complete:

  • 7 mile run at a 10 min./mile pace
  • 40 push-ups in a row
  • 10 pull-ups

Tough Mudder Training

then you are in the Tough Mudder Death Zone!  That means you are at risk of not completing the race.  25% of Tough Mudder Racers do not complete the race.  So if you are planning on just willing yourself to finish the race or the attitude of I can gut it out, YOU ARE LIVING IN THE DEATH ZONE.  Don’t live here. Get out.

You have one month to get yourself in shape before the race.  So set some goals.  Start working towards them.  If you cannot do 50 pushups in a row.  Start doing 25 push-ups 5 times a day until you can crank out 50 in arow.  Do you suck at pull-ups?  Build/buy a pull-up bar or order one here: Maximum Muscle Trainer Wall-Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar  to put in your garage or basement.  Every time you walk by it crank out as many pull-ups as you can. Set a scheduled time for pull-ups, before breakfast, lunch and dinner is are good.  If are not running 5+ miles a couple times a week  then you better start working your way towards that goal.

Make an effort to join our scheduled workouts:  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SCHEDULE.  Training with team members is a great way to reach your goals. So, be sure to make it to the next scheduled training date so you can make it out of the DEATH ZONE.



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  1. I’m in the DZ now but on my way out shortly 😉

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