How to Increase Your Performance

TeamCaptain —  March 8, 2013

How to Increase Your PerformanceDo you remember when you first tried to ride a bike, run a mile, change a habit, or even pray?  For how long were you successful?  5 seconds, a block, 2 days, 10 seconds?  Being successful with those obviously took practice and time.  How about intensity or determination?


Without either of those I know my efforts are feeble, in anything I’m doing.  Let’s think about our Insanity workouts.  I know I could hardly make it through the 10 min warm-up when I started; I even quit before it was over the first three times I tried.  How did you do? Better than that I’m sure.
It took a lot of determination to make it through an entire workout, at 34 minutes long.  Now I’m loving the 59 minute work out, not only because of the great sense of accomplishment I feel at the end, but I do not want to give up and feel defeated by it. I’m determined to make it through, start to finish!  And remember, it took time for us to ride that bike, run that mile, change that habit and finish that work out.

How to Increase Your Performance     What about the praying you ask?  That may very well be the most difficult one to increase.  Each of the former has immediate feedback, wanted or unwanted.  Prayer requires immediate faith and patience.  God works on building our prayer performance through faith waiting.  Sometimes the wait is short, sometimes it’s days, weeks, months or even years!  I’m still waiting to have a body like Shawn T!!
I can’t read God’s mind, but I know that when my prayers have been answered, it happens in His perfect timing.  He builds us into who He wants us to be.  We can increase our prayer performance with determination and the intensity in which we approach Him with.
How to Increase Your PerformancePraying has become a natural part of my day.  I walk 5 blocks to school and home, each walked filled with prayer.  Somedays I have answers right when I walk through the doors of school or home.  Other times I pray all week long for the one thing.  I’m still praying for these kids, 7 months and counting!  How long have others been praying for you?  How long has God been waiting for you?  Give him a call!

  • What is something you need to get better at?
  • How long have you wanted it?
  • How much determination and intensity are you putting forth?
  • How much of that have you turned over to God?

Let’s be challenged with not trying to make it happen for us, but trusting that God will be faithful to us and answer that prayer, and many more we have, with us being faithful to Him.

Jeremiah 29:11 says-“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


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Aaron resides in Austin, MN & works as a Next Generation Pastor at Cornerstone Church. His current addiction is running and anything involving Team Uppercut. When not spending time with his family or pounding the pavement you will find him loving every minute of Fly Kids.

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  1. God like any father wants to help his children but we need to ask through prayer. Something as simple as asking through prayer is so often left undone. Take a moment and pray for help and guidance today!

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