Don’t Run Alone

TeamCaptain —  August 14, 2012

dont run aloneI am on my knees gasping for breath and willing my arms & chest to push out 15 more push-ups.  I was toast!  I had run 8 miles, done 250 pushups & 100 pull-ups and we were only 3/4 of the way to our goal. My upper body was as rubbery as gumby.

I was beginning to think I had bitten off more than I could handle. Doubt was slowly slithering its way into my mind.

“You cannot do it!  13 miles, 250 pull-ups & 500 push-ups – YOU IDIOT.  Why did you decide to do this?,” I thought.

Then I heard the voice of Cyborg, “Hey you gonna finish with those push-ups or what?  Let’s get going if we are gonna run an extra 7 miles.”  Instantly  the doubt was crushed.  I thought to myself that if this dude thinks he can run an extra 7 miles when we are all done then I can crank out 15 more push-ups.  It was all I needed to keep going.  A little encouragement & a challenge from my robot like friend Tony.


All of us finished what we called, Gut Check Saturday.  You can read more about it by clicking here.  I am happy to say I ran all 13 miles and did all 250 pull-ups & 500 push-ups.  I was spent, exhausted and I stunk.  But the feeling of accomplishment and the confidence I gained from that experience is still with me today.  I realized one important truth that day, don’t run alone. I had faced the toughest physical challenge and conquered it, but I could not have done it alone.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 says,

“By yourself your’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.”

Don’t Run Alone

runing togetherDon’t run alone.  So many of us allow ourselves to be isolated.  We live life alone.  Even when we are surrounded by people we are on our own.  Never sharing who we really are with God or the world.  This is how Satan wants it.  He understands the truth of Ecclesiastes.   If he can get you physically and spiritually isolated then he knows your are vulnerable.  He can slowly break you down over time.  Get you heading in a direction you never intended on going.  Once you realize where you’re at…you’re alone, stuck without anyone to help.    I have observed many men make this mistake and it has destroyed their lives.  They start moving in a direction of isolation.  This slowly disconnects them from those they trust the most.  At some point they realize they need help but they are alone.  Being a man, they  try to fix it themselves.  That doesn’t work.  They are responsible for the situation in the first place.  More time passes.  The situation gets desperate.  They decide to get help. They decide to find someone they can confide in, someone who they can trust.  But by the time they find that person the damage is usually already done. They either have to start over completely or live with the damage.  They realize their mistake…they were running alone.

The Ultimate Runner

You were not created to live life alone.  You don’t have to.  You can have a constant running buddy every day of your life.  His name is Jesus.  Send him a text, invite him to run the race of life with you.  He has the strength, love & encouragement you need to overcome any obstacle life will throw at you.  Seriously, all it takes is you asking him to run with you.

Ephesians 3:20 says,

“God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.”

God sent his son to run with you.  He doesn’t want to push you around but wants to work within in you so that you can be the best runner you can be.  Not just a good runner. He want to work within you to be the best father, son, brother, husband, employee/employer and person you can be.  Don’t Run Alone.

Run with Someone

dont run aloneWho are you running with?  Do you have someone to run life with?  If not, find someone.  Team Uppercut is a good place to start.  Build a relationship with our team members during our workouts.   Be the kind of friend you have always wanted.  In turn you will have a strong brother to run life with.

Ask yourself this question:  How can my friendship help someone out today, this week or this month?

Remember this: Team Uppercut doesn’t run alone.


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Aaron resides in Austin, MN & works as a Next Generation Pastor at Cornerstone Church. His current addiction is running and anything involving Team Uppercut. When not spending time with his family or pounding the pavement you will find him loving every minute of Fly Kids.

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  1. Love the article! This is entirely true. Training with others in fitness and in our spirituality helps to keep us much more motivated and accountable. I love that Team Uppercut brings aspects of both.

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