Core Strength: Building Stability

TeamCaptain —  March 1, 2013

Building Stability with Your Body

Building StabilityI drag myself through Taco John’s doors feeling like a walking skeleton.  I am soaked, my stability is shot and I stink.  All I need is water.  “Is it possible to get some water?” I say as I gasp for breath.  Basically it was like a scene out of 127 Hours.  Quickly, the lady behind the counter reaches for the largest cup as fast as she can.  I fill it with water and mumble some sort of thanks and continue running towards my goal of 20 miles.  The term “running” might be a little far fetched at this point.  I was spent.  My former stability was gone as  I stumbled the last few miles to my home.  I pressed on.  I was desperate to complete my goal.

The next morning my lower back was amazingly stiff and sore.  That morning I began to understand the need for a strong core.  I needed to build core stability.  The kind of strength that gives you a  strong foundation from within to launch attacks against life’s challenges.  Most lower back pain, poor posture and lethargy can be attributed to a weak mid-section with little to no core stability.

Goal-DefinitionInsanity workout is giving the core of my body a great work out.  An area that needs to be focused on if I desire core stability.  What sort of goals do you have when it comes to physical fitness?  I want to run a marathon before I turn 41.  I’ve got about a year or so to build my core stability so that I have a physical foundation to handle 26.2 miles.  I am not there yet, but I am working towards that goal.  Click here to read more about goal setting.    As I make conscious decisions to change my core physical stability, I have realized that it directly influences my thoughts.  The ability to change is directly related to your thought process.


Building Stability with your Mind

Your mental stability is key to accomplishing any life goal.  Here are a few keys to having a stable mind.

Building Stability

  • Understand where to focus your energy.   What needs to be done to be successful?  
  • Focus your thoughts on things you can control.   What can you start changing today that is limiting your stability in life?  Don’t loose focus on the things you cannot control.  It will just build anxiety.
  • Stay relaxed. Anxiety and stress steal focus. Setting aside time each day to spend doing something for yourself helps build relaxation and kill anxiety and stress. 
  • Set yourself up for success.  Set up routines that give you opportunities for success.  Little victories are motivators that create mental stability for the ultimate goal.  
  • Focus on a mental image.  Imagine who you want to be.  Using your mind to dream about accomplishing your goals.  This helps re-focus your mind when faced with obstacles.   
  • Write it down.   Keep a journal or a note pad in which you write down your goals. Recording your progress will help keep you focused on what needs to be done to achieve your goal. 

These are just a few keys that will help you mind stay focused on what is important.  The number one key is taking your thoughts captive.  (see below for more on this) Having the supernatural ability to decide what thoughts will be allowed in my mind and which thought will not.  By doing this you will control your actions.  Having control over your mind and in turn being able to control your actions is so important in building a stable spirit.

Building Stability with your Spirit


Having a strong stable body is great.  You’ll live longer and feel better if you can discipline your body.  Having a focused stable mind will complement your body.  But a stable spirit is key to  a successful life now and forever.

2 Corinthians 10:5

“We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ.


Our spirits are created to have relationship with God.  Being able to know God in a personal way gives us the greatest chance to have a stable spirit.  The benefits of a stable spirit, a spirit that is in right relationship with God, are too numerous to list here.  But the health of our spirits will directly effect the health of your body and mind.  Being able to protect our spirits from arguments that tear down our belief in God is vital to

Building Stabilityour relationship with him.  Capturing my thoughts and making sure that they obey Jesus is paramount to maintaining a relationship with God.

Sin separates us from God.   Jesus died to mend that separation.  Because of his death and his resurrection we now can have a direct relationship with God through Jesus.  This starts through our belief in him as our savior and our willingness to accept his direction in our lives.  When we turn our lives over to Jesus something special happens within us.  Our spirits are connected to God.  We are no longer separated from him.  Once I am connected to God I want to guard my spirit from anything that would steal away that friendship, that special connection.   By guarding my mind and capturing every thought and only allowing those thoughts that honor God access to my life, I can then control what comes in and what comes out.   And when I screw all that up, which happens daily, God has grace for me.  He continues to give me supernatural ability to protect what comes into my life.  It is a pretty cool relationship.  Well obviously, that goes without saying.

Stability is a Catalyst for the Future

Through my relationship with Jesus I have been able to build stability in my body, mind and spirit.  That stability is a catalyst for my future.  Matter of fact,  I want to be so stable that even my children, friends and family could benefit from my “life foundation”.  I realize that core stability is going to effect my life forever.  Because some day I will die.  My body, no matter how fit, will return to dust. But my spirit will live on forever.   The Bible says that because of what Jesus has done for me and my relationship with him,  I will spend that eternity with him.  The knowledge that I will live forever with God frees me up to enjoy life to the fullest.   So, every time I do a level 3 drill with Shaun T., sit down and read my Bible, or take a thought captive I think, “I am building stability FOREVER.”

The question is, what are you doing to build stability for eternity?  What role does the Bible play in keeping you physically, mentally and spiritual fit?  Take a moment and share a suggestion you have on what you do to build physical, mental and spiritual stability.


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Aaron resides in Austin, MN & works as a Next Generation Pastor at Cornerstone Church. His current addiction is running and anything involving Team Uppercut. When not spending time with his family or pounding the pavement you will find him loving every minute of Fly Kids.

3 responses to Core Strength: Building Stability

  1. well…. i am surprised by my ‘instability’ in daily life. I work hard when I find a temp. job.. but honestly… as a true believer in Jesus… and having returned from 11 tough years doing civilian research in a ‘deadly’ asian country…. and honestly… i’m broke, shot, and applying for 3000 jobs plus since I came back…. I’ve been broken enough to give up everything i every wanted….to God.. wanting a high paying job, a Godly wife, children, home…..everything….

    all I want is to be ‘disciplined’ every day in a regular schedule, to study, memorize and ‘meditate with the Spirit on the word of God’… and I don’t … here and there, hit and miss… and I’m lost.

    i’m your prodical son ‘toss away’…older, and used up.

    if I was no more… not a soul on earth would miss me or notice.

    and yet… all I really want is to meditate day and night on Gods Word…taht I might have atotally changed ‘whole heart’ adn therefore thought life, no nightmeres…and more… to love God and obey him in loving all people.

    and I fall short… thoughts drift on things, new designs or ideas…and its all fantasy.

    I’m not on drugs, no meds, no record…and honestly…no record of really being ‘consistent and persistent for Jesus’ day to day…. to really not be a ‘liar’ towards God.. i pray these desires..and then… inefitably….one day fail to read and really study and think HIS WORD…instead of all the distractions of ‘sloth, lust thoughts, or whatever’..

    I live alone morally…but GOD knows my heart ‘totally’. I know I’m washed in His Blood…

    but how can a human’s life ‘matter’ if he’s not ‘useable by God and therefore ‘sincere and honest’ with God in my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly walk>

    I ask these..wondering if you have any ideas and prayers?>

    thank you…. glad you are running ‘both races’ well brother

    • It is hard to run “both races” well all the time. I “fall down” almost daily in some way shape or form in my relationship with God and in my physical training. When It comes to my spiritual and my physical training the best thing for it is to surround myself with people that are on the same journey as I am. I like Team Uppercut for that very reason. It helps me to be surrounded by like minded individuals. Not sure where you are from but finding or even creating that connection local to you would be a great first step and support system.

    • Sometimes finding something tangible you can do, like getting extra rest or eating right or starting to exercise will also help kick start our spiritual disciplines. Things like reading the bible, praying and hanging with encouraging people will help. But most importantly, keep fighting. Sometimes life is a battle.

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