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Core Strength

Core BalanceWhat is core strength?  I discovered how important it is the first time I tried to surf in Lima, Peru.  I came to a quick realization and it was this: In order to have the ability to surf you must have a strong core.  More about that story later.

First off, you need to understand what your core is.  The core refers to the trunk of your body.  The abdomen, obliques, glutes, mid and lower back.  Many of these muscles are mostly unseen.  They are a hidden muscle group.

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healthy heart

We all know that our heart receives physical benefits from exercise; but do we know what those benefits are? Through exercise, you can improve your cholesterol and fat levels, reduce inflammation in the arteries, help with weight loss and keep blood vessels flexible and open, reducing risk of heart attack and plaque in the arteries. Basically extending your life! Continue Reading…