5 Simple Tough Mudder Training Tips

TeamCaptain —  May 1, 2012

5 Simple Tough Mudder Training Tips


In the next 5 days,  I am going to share 5 simple tough mudder training tips that will ensure a successful completion of the Tough Mudder Race.  These tips are simple because they are a necessary part of our every day lives.  So check back each day for a simple tough mudder training tip.


Day One:  Sleep More

tough-mudder-training-tipSleep is vital when it comes to health.  Without it our bodies and minds will break down.  Why is sleep important?  When we sleep or rest it is a time when our bodies replenish our energy and repair damaged tissues.  Sleep is when we become tough.  It is the time when we grow stronger.  There are two important recovery times when our bodies grow stronger.

  • Short Term Recovery:  This is the minutes after we exercise or work out.  At this time our bodies are optimized for protein synthesis[easyazon-image-link asin=”B000GP5HJI” alt=”BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder, Vanilla Ice Cream, 2.91 Pound” src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/214WCeyKn5L.jpg” align=”right” width=”102″ height=”200″]
    .  That is, the process of increasing the protein content of muscle cells, preventing muscle breakdown and increasing muscle size.  During short term recovery it is important that you eat the right foods.  That is where a [easyazon-link asin=”B000GP5HJI”]post work out protein shake[/easyazon-link] comes into play.  But this post is not about short term recovery, it is about sleep or long term recovery.
  • Long Term Recovery: This is the hours when our body shuts down externally, but internally it goes to work.  What is happening?  Well,  it is making you Tough.  Let me explain.  When we sleep our body works at  major restorative functions  like muscle growth, tissue repair, protein synthesis, and growth hormone (HGH) release occurs mostly, or in some cases only, during sleep.


Human Growth Hormone is Your Night Time Friend.


What is HGH?  Read about it here. Basically it is  a powerful hormone that is naturally occurring in our bodies.  It aids in recovery, healing, metabolizing fat and keeps you young and healthy.  HGH is highest in your body when you’re young.  It is necessary for growth and development as a growing child.  HGH naturally declines as we grow older, but is still very important to becoming…tough!

There are two times when HGH is typically at its highest production.  Directly after a brief, intense workout (short term recovery) and during  deep sleep (long term recovery).   If you want to be a tough mudder and receive the coveted orange head band of power, take advantage of these two time periods.  Here is the good news.  We have direct control over our short and long term recovery.

Sleep deprivation studies have shown that as little as two hours of sleep will have a drastic effect on our metabolism.  Lack of sleep has shown to slow glucose metabolism by as much as 30 – 40 percent.  Ouch!  So sleeping longer can also increase our weight loss?  Yes, you can read about it here.   Heading to bed earlier will also help you curve your appetite.  It is hard to enjoy a late night snack of Doritos or your favorite ice cream when you are asleep.  Matter of fact, studies have shown that those who sleep eight hours or more have less body fat.   Read about it here.  So what we can do to help our bodies  to become stronger over time? Simple.  Sleep better.  Sleep longer. Sleep Often.


Sleeping Tips

  • Getting 7-9 hours of sleep will improve your muscle recovery, increase your metabolism and allow HGH to do it’s work.  Basically, it will make you tougsleep-moreh.
  • Schedule a bedtime and a wake time. This helps your body know when to make you tough.
  • Consider taking a power nap.  Yes, start napping. You might be surprised how it helps your attitude, energy and physicality.  Read about it here.
  • Try Sleep Addition, that is to add 10 minutes to your bed time every night.  With in a week you will be sleeping 1 hour more each night.  This works great 2-3 weeks before a big event or race.


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Aaron resides in Austin, MN & works as a Next Generation Pastor at Cornerstone Church. His current addiction is running and anything involving Team Uppercut. When not spending time with his family or pounding the pavement you will find him loving every minute of Fly Kids.

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